Aztec Clusters Slot

Aztec Clusters, a new slot game developed by BGaming in collaboration with Casinolytics, introduces a unique gaming experience centered around Aztec culture. This game differentiates itself in the competitive online slot market with its innovative cluster mechanics. It is based on data analytics and focuses not only on players but also on streamers to offer a distinctive and immersive gameplay experience. Aztec Clusters stands out for its engaging mechanics and the ability to provide a fresh perspective on slot gaming, making it an appealing option for players looking for something beyond traditional slot games.

Aztec Clusters BGaming
Slot Aztec Clusters
Developer BGaming
Release Date 01.02.2024
Lines Cluster Pays
RTP 97%
Volatility very high
Bet Sizes $,€0.25 – $,€25
Max Win x 10,000
Max Win Probability 1:4600 spins (Wild Spins)
Special Symbols Scatter, Sticky Wilds, Booster, Destroyer
Special Features Cell Multiplier, Dig-Up Feature, Free Spins, Buy Feature, Wild Spin
Demo version Yes
Mobile Compatibility Yes

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Aztec Clusters Slot Developer BGaming

Founded in 2012 and becoming a standalone brand in 2018, originally part of Softswiss Games, BGaming is celebrated for its pioneering and immersive online slot games. Within its diverse game collection, Aztec Clusters is highlighted as yet another showcase of the firm’s commitment to crafting visually stunning, feature-dense, and captivating gaming adventures. BGaming’s emphasis on innovation and quality enhancement has successfully attracted a global audience, reinforcing its status as a top contender in the iGaming sector.

Theme and Graphics

Aztec Clusters online slot features a setting within an ancient Aztec temple, surrounded by dense greenery and detailed stone carvings typical of Aztec culture. The game boasts bright and detailed graphics that enhance its visual appeal. The sound effects are designed to match the visuals, improving the overall gaming experience by creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the Aztecs’ historical period.

Aztec Clusters Slot Review

Gameplay with clusters

In Aztec Clusters, the gameplay unfolds on a 6×8 grid where wins trigger cascades, allowing bonus symbols to appear. Unlike traditional slots that rely on paylines, this game uses a cluster pays system. Players win by forming clusters of 5 or more identical symbols adjacent either vertically or horizontally. These winning clusters pay out and then disappear, causing new symbols to drop into the empty spaces. This process repeats within the same spin until no more winning clusters are formed.

RTP, Volatility, Bet Sizes, Max Win

Aztec Clusters is an online slot game with a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97%, signaling a player-friendly experience. It features very high volatility, indicating that while wins may be less frequent, they can be significantly large when they occur. The game allows bets ranging from $,€0.25 to $,€25, making it accessible for various budgets. Thanks to Max.multiplier x10,000, the maximum winnings a player can receive in Aztec Clusters is $,€250,000.

Symbols and Paytable

Within the game, basic symbols are categorized into two sets:

  • the lower-value icons, represented by diamonds in shades of red, blue, turquoise, and purple,
Aztec Clusters Symbols
  • the higher-value symbols, depicted through Aztec masks in hues of green, red, and purple.
Aztec Clusters Slot Symbols

Winnings are determined by forming clusters of five or more identical symbols, with the reward amount escalating with the cluster’s size. The paytable outlines the minimum, average, and maximum payouts for each symbol type, expressed as a fraction of the total bet placed.

Symbol Cluster of 5 Cluster of 10 Cluster of 15+
Blue Gem х 0.16 х 0.8 х 16
Green Gem х 0.20 х 1.0 х 20
Red Gem х 0.24 х 1.2 х 24
Purple Gem х 0.32 х 1.6 х 32
Green Mask х 0.40 х 2.4 х 48
Red Mask х 0.60 х 3.2 х 80
Purple Mask х 0.80 х 4.0 х 120

Aztec Clusters Features

In addition to the dynamic gameplay mechanism, in which winning symbols disappear, causing a cascade of symbols to fall, the slot features an innovative Multiplier Cell system, which increases potential rewards with each subsequent cascade. Additionally, the game includes random special symbols, a Free Spins round, Wild Spin, and Buy Feature, making the gameplay more engaging and rewarding for players seeking an action-packed slot experience.

Cell Multiplier

In the game, when players achieve a victory, the specific cells where the winning symbols appeared are emphasized and subsequently enhanced with multipliers, beginning at a factor of 2 and escalating by an increment of 2 for each additional victory achieved on those identical cells, up to a cap of 10x. These enhanced multipliers are aggregated and applied to the total winnings for any win they contribute to. The multipliers remain present during the ongoing spin and any subsequent cascades but are reset for the following spin in the main game, whereas, in the bonus game, the progression of multipliers is maintained between spins, enhancing the potential for increased winnings. Moreover, when wins involve multiple multipliers, their values are cumulatively calculated prior to being applied to the win.

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Dig-Up Symbols

After a victorious combination vanishes, the Dig-Up feature might unveil hidden Bonus symbols in the vacated spaces. This mechanism can spontaneously spring into action following a win, with the potential to excavate one of four distinct Bonus icons: Sticky Wilds, Booster, Destroyer and Scatter.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds are a feature in games that appear after a win and can replace most symbols except for Scatter, Booster, and Destroyer symbols. When they land on a cell with a multiplier, they gain a 10x multiplier, which increases by 10x for each win they’re part of, up to a maximum of 100x, until no more wins occur. During free spin rounds, Sticky Wilds stay in place until the end of the round, helping create more winning combinations.

Sticky Wilds and Booster symbol

Booster Symbol

The Booster increases the value of multiplier cells by +2 and adds +10 to any Wild symbols on the board. This feature enhances all the multipliers on the reels for one round before disappearing. Furthermore, the Booster can substitute for other symbols and stays in place for any remaining cascades, improving the potential for higher wins.

Destroyer Symbol

The Destroyer symbol is introduced on empty cells after a win, aimed at removing all low-value symbols from the game without offering any payout. Once activated, it clears these symbols and disappears, allowing the game area to be replenished with new symbols.

Destroyer symbol

Scatter Symbol

This feature can show up anywhere on the reels or be uncovered in a special Dig-up feature after a win. Each reel is limited to having just one Scatter symbol. When a player lands more than 3 scatters, they receive up to 10 free spins, with more scatters triggering more free spins. Additionally, Scatters can substitute for other symbols and stay in place for any remaining cascades, enhancing the chances of forming winning combinations.

Scatter symbol

Free Spins

The H3 Free Spins feature is activated when a player lands 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels. The number of free spins awarded depends on the amount of scatter symbols landed:

  • 3 scatter symbols result in 10 free spins.
  • 4 scatter symbols give 12 free spins.
  • 5 scatter symbols offer 15 free spins.
  • 6 scatter symbols provide 20 free spins.

Once triggered, the scatter symbols become either Sticky Wilds or Cell Multipliers with a 10X value, enhancing the potential for big wins during the free spins. These special symbols remain in place for the duration of the free spins, and the feature can be retriggered by landing 3 or more scatter symbols again during the free spins.

This mechanism offers players additional opportunities to win by extending the bonus round with more free spins and maintaining the benefits of sticky wilds or cell multipliers throughout.

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Buy Feature

The Buy Feature allows players to immediately access the Free Spins round by purchasing it for a multiple of their bet size. This option gives players the chance to start the Free Spins with a certain number of Sticky Wilds, which can help increase their winnings. The options available are:

  • 100X Bet Size: Activates the regular Free Spins feature.
  • 200X Bet Size: Starts the Free Spins with 1 guaranteed Sticky Wild.
  • 400X Bet Size: Begins the Free Spins with 2 guaranteed Sticky Wilds.
  • 800X Bet Size: Launches the Free Spins with 3 to 6 Scatter Symbols turning into Sticky Wilds.

When this feature is used, 3 to 6 scatter symbols will appear on the screen and become either Sticky Wilds or 10X cell multipliers at random. Sticky Wilds are beneficial because they can replace any other symbol and remain in place for the remaining cascades, potentially leading to more wins.

Buy Feature

Wild Spin

The Wild Spin feature allows players to activate a special mode by paying 20 times their bet size, guaranteeing at least one Wild symbol at the start of each spin. This feature, which can only be used during the base game, introduces a high volatility aspect to the game. It significantly increases the chance of hitting the maximum win, estimated to occur once in every 4,600 spins, and remains active until the player chooses to deactivate it. This option offers a strategic way to potentially boost winnings by ensuring the presence of Wild symbols, but it comes with the trade-off of a higher cost per spin.

Wild Spin

How To Play Aztec Clusters Slot For Real Money

Engaging in Aztec Clusters slot games with real money starts with selecting a trustworthy online gaming platform. It’s crucial for gamers to get acquainted with the slot’s guidelines and unique features, in addition to ensuring a sensible gaming budget. Here’s a simplified guide to kick-start your adventure:

  1. Navigate to a curated compilation of top-notch Aztec Clusters casino websites.
  2. Explore the promotions and bonuses they offer.
  3. Choose a casino that resonates with your preferences and visit its site.
  4. Complete the signup process and follow the steps to claim your bonus.
  5. Locate the Aztec Clusters slot within the casino’s slots library.
  6. Set your wager amount and initiate a spin.

Remember, understanding the game mechanics thoroughly before betting real money enhances your gaming experience and potentially, your winnings.

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Aztec Clusters Demo Version

The Aztec Clusters demo version is an exceptional opportunity to experience the game’s intricacies and functionalities without the need for financial investment. This approach allows players to explore various features, perform unlimited spins, and experiment with different purchase options, all at no cost. So, this preliminary version grants a comprehensive insight into the gameplay dynamics and special features, facilitating a well-informed decision-making process for those considering the transition to playing with real money.

Aztec Clusters Demo

Aztec Clusters Slot Mobile Gaming

The slot is designed to work well on mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy this slot game on both smartphones and tablets without losing out on quality or ease of use. The game adjusts smoothly to fit smaller screens and is compatible with any device, as long as it has a web browser like Chrome or Safari. It’s optimized for all platforms, meaning users can play Aztec Clusters online on any operating system with no issues.

Pros and Cons of Aztec Clusters

Aztec Clusters offers players a unique and immersive experience. However, its distinct features come with both advantages and drawbacks that cater to different player preferences.


  • Visually appealing design complemented by an outstanding soundtrack
  • Special symbols, adding an element of surprise and strategy.
  • An innovative Multiplier Cell feature
  • The Free Spins mode features a non-resetting multiplier and Wilds


  • Very high volatility does not suit players who prefer a more predictable and steady gaming experience.
  • Buy Feature, while tempting, might prove expensive and could dissuade budget-conscious players from utilizing this aspect of the game.

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Aztec Clusters stands out as a masterfully designed slot game, blending an intriguing theme with novel gameplay innovations. The game employs cluster mechanics, enriched with a variety of bonus functions, to deliver an exhilarating gaming journey. Developed by BGaming, this slot not only offers entertainment but also the possibility of significant rewards, making it a worthy addition to any online casino’s slot collection.


What is the maximum win available on the Aztec Clusters slot?

Players have the opportunity to achieve wins up to 10,000 times their bet on the game.

Can I access the Aztec Clusters slot without spending money?

Absolutely, the slot is available for a trial run without any charges.

Are mobile devices compatible with the Aztec Clusters game?

Certainly, the slot is designed to be compatible across various devices, ensuring players can enjoy the game on the go, regardless of their device preference.

What strategy should I employ to win at Aztec Clusters?

Aztec Clusters is a certified video slot that produces outcomes based on randomness, making luck an essential factor in winning. To understand the winning mechanisms and potential payouts, it is recommended to view the payout table, carefully study the rules of the game, and practice in the Aztec Clusters Demo version.

Is it possible to use Bitcoin for playing the Aztec Clusters slot?

Indeed, Bitcoin is an accepted mode of payment for playing the slot. We recommend exploring reviews of digital casinos that welcome Bitcoin transactions. Choose a platform featuring the Aztec Clusters slot, and upon registration, you can fund your account with Bitcoin or other widely used digital currencies.